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Flooring Removal Services

KADD specializes in removing all types of flooring. We have proven techniques and the most up to date equipment to expedite all your flooring removal needs. From residential bathrooms to restaurants and retail stores, no job is ever too big or too small! We know that quality of great flooring job starts with the proper preparation. Therefore we strive to remove all adhesives and fasteners to make your job as fast and professional as possible! NOBODY can promise fast and dust free but we can promise fast and as dustless as possible but ALWAYS cleaner than when we started guaranteed! 

Flooring Removal 
flooring removal machines 
that helps save time and money!
Tile Removal

We specialize in all types of tile flooring removal from VCT to mud set Marble! 

Wood Floor Removal
We specialize in all types of wood flooring removal from glued down to nailed down!
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